Software Generation Support Agreement

Accounting Support Agreement

If you are covered by an accounting support agreement you will be asked for a password to access the Support Documents Library and the Training Videos Library. As a Software Generation Support client, you will have been given the password.

We want to keep your Sage Pro, formerly known as ACCPAC Pro and SBT Pro software running as long as you want to keep it running.  Some of the projects to sustain Sage Pro include our testing Windows 11 versions and new version of Windows Server and SQL.  We are now testing to adapt to some of the new email changes on Microsoft office so that the email built into Sage Pro can be used.    Our support agreement is designed to add value to your Sage Pro Software and keep it running.

Software Generation no longer provides support for Sage Pro, ACCPAC Pro or SBT Pro without a support agreement.   Our loyal customers have provided us with the ability to continue to support this product since Sage discontinued support on March 31, 2014.   It would not be fair to those loyal customers to offer the same level of support to entities not on a support agreement. 

Sage Pro Support Agreement and Sustainability Services Description – PDF

Support Agreement – PDF

Accounting Support Agreement at a Reasonable Price

Our plan is reasonably priced and the discounted rate can easily cover the cost of the entire program if you use only 8 hours of services a month.

Some of the features include:

Items available at discounted support rates:

    • Unattended after-hours support over GoTo Resolve or Remote Desktop. We can work on the system after hours in many cases and not interrupt your employees.
    • Resolution of corrupt licensing and corrupt end user license count issues.
    • Data repair.
    • All on site consulting services.
    • Non-Sage Pro application support.
    • Implementation (i.e., modules, new companies, etc.).
    • Upgrades to new versions including Installation of Sage patches and changes.
    • Training or retraining of staff or consultants via phone or remotely.
    • Modifications including new customizations, reports, data drillers, custom financial statements or integrations to other products.
    • Correction to issues uncovered in our annual site review.
    • Installation of enhancement library items or changes for compatibility with your environment.
    • Support for outside consultants who may be working on your system (i.e., network vendors, programmers, etc.).
    • Sage Pro Server Migrations whether onsite or remote are not included.
    • Reprogramming or corrections of anomalies or issues discovered in the Sage Pro Programs.