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Sage X3

Accounting product solutions, Sage SoftwareSage X3 enables you to take charge of every aspect of your company, from sales to aftermarket to supply chain, while also giving you access to a quicker, more user-friendly, and customized business management solution. This allows you to operate more effectively, be more flexible, and gain the knowledge you need to thrive and remain competitive in the face of increasing complexity.

Sage X3 will assist you in transforming how you manage your people, processes, and operations so that you can quickly accept change. Sage X3 has integrated management for all of your business processes and extensive industry-specific capabilities.

Available on premises or in the cloud, it has over 7,000 clients in 80 countries trusting it.

To give you the freedom to meet your unique demands, Sage X3 is developed and based on a flexible data model and open APIs.

Faster process cycle times are something you’ll notice with Sage X3, whether you’re moving inventory more quickly, reacting to customers more quickly, or making choices more quickly because you have instant insight into performance and expenses.

With infrastructure that is ready to use, you can roll out new features and capabilities to users more quickly across your business unit.

Sage X3 will simplify the management of your operations, whether they are all in one area or spread over numerous sites and nations, with intuitive data visualization and simple-to-use processes. You can be confident of on-demand access to all functionality and easier software maintenance with less reliance on pricey IT resources with Sage X3 in the cloud.

A multi-company, multi-legislation, and multi-language data format that is adaptable and extendable and will scale with your business is the foundation of Sage X3. You can extend and customize the solution to match your specific business needs today and tomorrow with the use of APIs, web services, and upgradeable customization.

ALERE Manufacturing

 Alere AccountingNumerous enterprises now rely on TIW Technology’s ERP, accounting, CRM, manufacturing, data capture, and mobility solutions. Businesses select ALERE with the assurance that TIW has a more than 35-year track record and a well-established reputation for honesty and service quality.

A single-source solution, ALERE Business Applications has all the resources needed to help a small factory become a Fortune 100 firm. The quality-first solution that ALERE ERP offers will far exceed your company’s expectations!

Businesses enjoy how inexpensive ALERE is to buy and maintain. Additionally, after being installed and running, ALERE requires little assistance. ALERE was created entirely within the company by our own technical staff, needs no specialized hardware for a simple setup, and can scale up to run on Client/Server and terminal services platforms.

Regular releases of new versions of ALERE are the outcome of an effective development program. Customizations made with the help of the TIW Developer’s Kit significantly reduce the work involved in upgrading to a new release, lower the cost of ownership, and protect your investment. For the user, an HTML help manual offers support right down to the field level. The guidebook includes links to a collection of instructional videos, which are also easily accessible on the website.

Sage Pro

Sage Pro ERPSage Pro ERP 2011 (7.7) features modifiable source code for custom accounting solutions, scalable architecture and seamless integration with CRM,  manufacturing and other end-to-end solutions. Sage Pro is a fully modifiable accounting and business management solution with source code availability for the mid-market enterprise or for the small business with future expansion needs. Our team of programmers can help with any modifications you need to adapt the accounting software to your business workflow. Sage Pro ERP is recognized for its feature-rich accounting functionality and robust inventory control capability. Sage Pro ERP offers complete end-to-end e-business solutions as well from web store to warehouse, from core financial accounting to manufacturing.

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Sage Pro ERP