ALERE Business Applications

ALERE Accounting Concepts

ALERE General Concepts

Concepts provide unifying ideas upon which features may be developed

ALERE Single Point Entry system


Single Point Entry

Once a company is entered into ALERE, it is not necessary to re-enter the identical information. Develop a business strategy in tandem with them as your relationship progresses. A click of the icon will convert a credit memo to a payable. A receivable is offset against a payable. A business from which you purchase can also be a vendor without the need to create an additional entry.


ALERE Chart of Accounts


Chart of Accounts

Construct, administer, and organize your Chart of Accounts graphically from a single screen! For ease of identification, major segments are designated with numeric values, whereas minor segments are alphanumeric. Directly drill down from the COA to a particular general ledger transaction! To illustrate, a PDF of a real bill can be accessed with just four simple taps. An extraordinary instrument for conducting audits.

ALERE Configuration options



A sales order configurator can assist your sales order station in operating more efficiently and precisely. It will permit the use of a generic part number to initiate the process, and an automatic assignment of a finalized good part number and price upon selection of all options! Create kits for selecting the appropriate quantities and materials for a given task! For every item requiring a variable number, length, weight, etc., use a single part number.


ALERE Pending sales and purchase documents


Pending Documents

Putting in an order, discarding it because it cannot be fulfilled, and then reentering it at a later time is a complete waste of time. ALERE enables the preservation of sales and purchase documents in a prospective state, allowing for their subsequent retrieval.


ALERE multiline document types


Multiple Line Types

A single document can now accomplish tasks that were previously accomplished with the use of distinct, costly, and time-consuming operations! The lines on a sales order may, for instance, credit a customer’s account, accept returns, or place items on order. This enables you to consolidate multiple documents into a single one, resulting in enhanced processing speed and efficiency! Complete traceability is maintained for every operation ALERE performs!

ALERE Physical inventory management tools


Physical Inventory

Maintain accurate inventories with real-time ALERE data acquisition! The laborious requirement of halting operations in order to freeze inventory for manual enumeration has been eliminated. The instantaneous acquisition of the counted quantity and current inventory balance occurs upon scanning an item. The outcome is the posting of the DIFFERENCE between those figures, unaffected by receipts or issues. As a consequence, physical inventory is processed more rapidly, spot counting is enabled, and shipping and receiving are not disrupted!