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About Software Generation and Our Experience

Learn more about Software Generation:  Software Generation was created in 1990 after the founders sold their interest in a reseller of minicomputer-based accounting systems. At the time, personal computer hardware and local-area networks capable of supporting accounting systems were becoming inexpensive, standardized, and widely available. This led the company to concentrate on supporting this new accounting platform.  Now we see another technology shift as the world of business shifts to browser based application hosted on premises and in the cloud.

A concept common in the world of minicomputers and mainframes was that of modifiable source code. Within source code products we focused on system based on relational database system like Microsoft SQL and Xbase database systems, especially those in accounting .

In the 1990’s Microsoft’s Foxpro emerged as the development tool of choice. We did most of our development on Microsoft’s 32 bit Visual Studio platform, of which Visual Foxpro is a part.  We primarily supported the SBT/ACCPAC and Sage family of Foxpro based products including Pro and Vision Point.   

Moving into the new century we began supporting web based products that continued the traditional of being highly modfiable so we could meet customers business requirements without beign restricted to out of the box solutions.

We emphasize orderly, planned installations and adequate training. Software Generation pioneered low cost training to reduce total cost of ownership by reducing initial training time, new employee training and technical support requirements.

Software Generation also develops custom data base systems. We have developed custom systems for employee scheduling, skill matching, travel expense reduction, warranty tracking, financial and performance reporting. The systems were developed using rapid application development tools and prototyping methodologies. They take advantage of the strengths of Windows based tools to deliver additional features.

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