Business Accounting Services

Business Accounting Review and Analysis through Implementation

Software Generation has been in business for since 1991 and worked with companies in a variety of
industries and of all sizes offering business accounting reviews and analysis. We are aware that until we understand your company’s operations,
needs and objectives, we can be of little help.

Our vast experience gives us a unique perspective on your company – while you understand your
business, we understand how to design and implement tools to help your business run more efficiently
and grow in a stable manner.

The services we offer to help you achieve your corporate goals include:

    • Business Analysis
    • Accounting Software Recommendations
    • Custom Accounting Design


Business Accounting Review and Analysis

You know your business, but you have no idea how to improve your business management functions and back office workflow. We can help. Software Generation doesn’t pretend to know everything about all the leading software packages in the market. But we do know about one of the world’s leading software manufacturers, Sage and its products.

We will help you clarify your goals and document your requirements. However, most importantly, because we emphasize source code-based accounting systems, we can make the software fits the needs of your business as you define them today. And we can make sure that as your business grows, the accounting system will evolve to fit your future requirements as well.

Custom Software Development

Our custom software capabilities can supplement packaged software. A customized solution from Software Generation can deliver extraordinary returns with increased productivity and reduced error rates. Custom reports also provide greater insight.

Business Accounting Software Implementation

Once Software Generation has completed a business review and analysis, we will make software recommendations that will provide an end-to-end business management solution within your budget and with your company’s future in mind.

Most businesses can begin their in-house accounting experience with quality, high-end software like Sage products. However, often a business has a unique way of handing their customers, their inventory or their management reporting, for example, that requires custom database design.

We at Software Generation have years of experience in creating the perfect business management solution that will provide you with the financial and business management tools to insure your success.

The software solutions offered by Software Generations provide customization capabilities, giving you your choice of interface and functions beyond the software basic design.

Custom Database Design and Development

Sage products provide a sophisticated accounting and financial management solution. However, if management wants to view the financial data in more appropriate way for their business operations or the customer base requires a monitoring and interface that is outside the financials input standards in the software, we have a solution.

We will modify the software to give you the ability to input your data in a meaningful way for your business as well as extract the data in a format that makes sense to you.

We include SQL, report writer tools, and standalone database to manage your design requirements. The database access tools we utilize include:

    • SQL
    • Insight
    • Foxfire Report Writer
    • Crystal Reports
    • XML web tools